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No Middlemen

To the Farmer we eliminate the headache of sourcing for the market and hence letting them focus tending to their produce.

Always Fresh


To the consumer, all our produce are handpicked by farmers specifically for you hence we offer guaranteed quality assurance.

100% Organic Food


To the Farmers and CustomersGet more value in terms of quality and quantity for what you pay for. In addition, our prices are competitive

24/7 Hotline

Simplified Supply Chain

Our great network of farmers across the country are a ready market for your outputs and an equally great supply for your inputs

Chaqula exists For Your;

Provide whole, nutritious healthy food and food products to enhance health and vitality.

Educate the public on the benefits of healthy organic food to fight diseases and fatigue.

Educate the public on diseases and fatigue.

Provide whole, nutritious healthy food and food products to enhance health and vitality. Get to save on resources and earn incomes as well.


Chaqula Wellness Program

Happy African American family. Father with three teenage daughters together having a good time.

We’ll support you in your health goals in many areas with our community. From time to time we organize health seminars for people to learn more about living healthy. You can also opt into our weekly newsletters and we will partner with you achieve your health goals

Chaqula Agro Tourism

Home Chaqula Tours

We organize group trips locally and abroad for farmers, farm experience for children, and other interested parties to visit trade fairs, farms, exhibitions for the purpose of learning, benchmarking and visits which relax and rejuvenate.

Mission: To create a network of farmers, manufacturers and consumers without middlemen.

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