About Us

You are what you eat

Chaqula is a network of farmers, manufacturers and consumers that aim in shortening the distribution chain to help each other find market for produce and create wealth. We help make farm produce affordable and offer convenience in delivering the produce to the end consumer. Our customers are assured of quality and our farmers and manufacturers are assured of constant, steady and regular income.

Chaqula also empowers agri-businesses by agro-tourism. We help famers visit various parts of the country and see what other farmers are doing so that they may learn best practices and adopt those practices to their own techniques. Farmers get to learn a lot and in the process become more empowered.

Chaqula emphasises on healthy living, that is why we also have a whole department that deals with encouraging people to live healthy lives by watching what they eat. As a member we will best advice you on what to eat to live a healthy life and also what to eat at certain stages in life such as during pregnancy. We’ll advice you how to avoid fatigue by just changing your diet. Chaqula also has health supplements to boost your health even further.

Fresh assorted vegetables in boxes on farmer's market

What we do

Agri-business practices – land and crop production management for Agricultural purposes.

Botanical gardens, plants and herbs for everyday use. We train and grow herbs in pots for convenient access to fresh , medicinal plants.

Source from our member farmers and deliver to clients fresh fruits , vegetables and dry cereals conveniently at the client’s office or home, using our mobile market platform.

Source from our member farmers and deliver to clients all dry cereals, e.g. Rice, beans, maize, green grams, cow peas, chick peas, among others.

Kuku Kienyeji, sold live or slaughted.

Frozen Nile Perch fish fillet

Rabbit meat

Our Range of Value Added food products include:

  • Orange marmalade
  • Curry paste Masala
  • Pausine sauce
  • Peanut butter
  • Honey
  • Dried vegetables
  • Frozen vegetables
  • Tomato paste
  • Fresh juices

Wellness seminars and workshops,
Health Talks to corporate and other organized people groups
Guided food/meal plans
Health coaching programs for fitness and vibrancy
Screening services for the Non -communicable diseases
Weight management program
Children food plans

In partnership with our Internationally renowned Manufacturers, we are independent distributors of :

  • Whole nutritional food supplements
  • Herbal Range alternatives
  • Skin and body care products
  • Biodegradable detergents
  • Solar/green energy solutions
  • Eco/organic farm practices

We organize group trips locally and abroad for farmers, farm experience for children, and other interested parties to visit trade fairs, farms, exhibitions for the purpose of learning, benchmarking and visits which relax and rejuvenate.

The challenges we fix

We support our member farmers with contributions on capacity building for Agri business, good agricultural practices training, wealth creation, farm input, crop management and marketing.

The network offers a wholistic support structure that takes care of the spiritual, economic, social and technical support.

Multiple income sources that enable better quality livelihoods

All our farm products are sourced directly from farmer member networks, therefore assuring quality production and distribution.

We deliver all products to the client’s specification conveniently and on time, assuring sustained healthy eating for all our clients and their families.

In partnership with our manufacturers, all members are able to earn a residual income on each product distributed through our network, guaranteeing our members long term income streams, and wealth creation opportunities.

Our member enjoy the diversity created by our rich networks across board, therefore giving them a competitive advantage on new trends, markets, innovations and practices.

Chaqula Network

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