Agro Tourism

We organize group trips locally and abroad for farmers, farm experience for children, and other interested parties to visit trade fairs, farms, exhibitions for the purpose of learning, benchmarking and visits which relax and rejuvenate.

Chaqula Network

We pride in the network we have created, ensuring great sales success for our partner organisations. We believe together we can do more. Join us and with us get to visit and learn from other farmers throughout the country.

Let us visit your farm

We would like to visit your farm and learn from you as well. If you have a unique technique or crop and would like to show it to other farmers or would like farmers to learn from you as well, talk to us and we shall plan a visit. Help us grow other farmers.

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Visit a farm

Chaqula shall help you see what other farmers are doing by arranging visits to various farms. You will get to learn knew techniques and also see how other crops are grown. You also get to interact and ask questions with farmers who have successful methods of growing certain crops.

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