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We are a network of farmers, manufacturers and consumers that aim in shortening the distribution chain to help each other find market for produce and create wealth. We help make farm produce affordable and offer convenience in delivering the produce to the end consumer. Our customers are assured of quality and our farmers and manufacturers are assured of constant, steady and regular income.

Chaqula emphasizes on healthy living, that is why we also have a whole department that deals with encouraging people to live healthy lives by watching what they eat. As a member we will best advice you on what to eat to live a healthy life and also what to eat at certain stages in life such as during pregnancy. We’ll advice you how to avoid fatigue by just changing your diet. Chaqula also has health supplements to boost your health even further.

Chaqula also empowers agri-businesses by agro-tourism. We help famers visit various parts of the country and see what other farmers are doing so that they may learn best practices and adopt those practices to their own techniques. Farmers get to learn a lot and in the process become more empowered.

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